What is “Bookstagram”?

For someone who might not be in on the fads and trends, this might be a difficult question to answer. In the last decade, pop culture has been exploding with the birth of fandoms and the people who are apart of those fandoms, typically called “fangirls” or “fanboys”. While comic conventions have been a thing for over 40 years (the first San Diego comic con occurring in 1970), attendance has been growing steadily in recent years.

Now more specifically to books, there are many platforms in which book fangirls and fanboys can express their loves and passions. Fans who choose to post YouTube videos about their love of books are called “booktubers”, so naturally, the people who post pictures relating to books on Instagram have been lovingly dubbed “bookstagrammers”.

As a semi-recent addition to the bookstagram community, I can confidently say that the community is one of the most positive that I’ve been a part of. Many fandoms, while fun and full of lively debates, can become aggressive where disagreements and arguments are concerned. I’ve found that on bookstagram, most individuals are very accepting of other’s opinions and are generally respectful and friendly to one another. Seeing as I only launched my bookstagram account about 2 months ago and already have made connections and friendships with several lovely people speaks volumes for the love this community has for each other.

While browsing through bookstagram, you’ll find plenty of beautiful pictures of books. We here in this community find the sight of books very aesthetically pleasing. Many bookstagrammer also run their own blogs as well as booktubes.

Another fun perk to being a part of the bookstagram community is seeing the amazing bookish merchandise! You may not have known this, but you can buy book related products of all kinds: candles, prints, themed-bookmarks, pillows, coffee, tea, t-shirts, accessories, jewelry, blankets, pins, stickers, mugs, etc, etc, etc. When I joined this bookish community, I was stunned by the hundreds of Etsy shops and online businesses selling beautiful products. If you become a rep for any of these numerous shops, they will typically send you free items as long as you feature them in 3-4 of your photos each months as a way to promote their company.

All in all, bookstagram is a lovely community filled with wonderful people that I’ve been so lucky to become connected with, and I’m so excited to meet more fellow book lovers through it. You can follow my bookstagram account @spineless_bookwyrm!

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