BOOK REVIEW: Sandhya Menon “When Dimple Met Rishi”

22052971_1813647668665316_1985424413_nTitle: When Dimple Met Rishi

Author: Sandhya Menon

Genre: Contemporary

My Rating: 3/5 stars



Dimple Shah is independent, fierce, and she knows exactly what she wants from life: to go to school, learn, grow, and pursue a career in a field that she’s passionate about. On the other hand, Dimple’s mother thinks that the only reason young women should go to college is to find a husband. Joke’s on her though, because Dimple isn’t planning on getting married for a long time.

Rishi Patel, on the other hand, is all about the traditions of his culture. He plans to go to school, get a practical job that pays well, get married to a nice Indian girl, and have kids soon after that. His parents have arranged for him to meet the daughter of some close friends at a 6 week web developing program over the summer, and Rishi is beyond excited. Except the girl is Dimple Shah, and she has no idea.

My thoughts:

There was definitely a part of me that liked this; there was something undeniably charming about both characters, and I loved their complexities: Dimple for her passion, fire, desire for independence, and ambition, and Rishi for his humor, humility, patience, and his own amount of zeal.

I was actually very interested in the stuff about coding, web developing and the like. Dimple and Rishi’s rivalry with a few fellow students was fun, and it was easy to cheer them on. I also liked learning a little bit about Indian culture and tradition.

As much as I liked Dimple’s spirit, her character irritated me. When she discovers who Rishi is and what her parents have done, she’s livid. Understandably so. However, she keeps Rishi around anyway, and they end up becoming partners throughout the program. Throughout the story, Dimple constantly grows closer to him, then pushes him away.

She doesn’t want to date him, but she’ll kiss him anyway.

Okay, it’s okay if she dates Rishi, so long as he understands that she’s still not going to marry him.

All of this occurs after, like, 4 days of even knowing him. She can’t seem to make up her mind.

(Spoiler in following paragraph🙂 Dimple tells Rishi that she loves him 3 weeks after meeting him, which fine, okay. I’m not going to judge, I suppose. Yet 3 weeks later when they lose the competition, she secretly blames Rishi and decides it was his fault, that if she hadn’t been so distracted then she would have won. That’s some weak love, girl.

I wanted to like Dimple. She was a fun character, she was just too much for me. Unfortunately, it’s my dislike for her that kept me from loving this book more.


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