BOOK REVIEW: Kasie West “P.S. I Like You”

814LFWmOXKLTitle: P.S. I Like You

Author: Kasie West

Genre: Contemporary

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Music-lover Lily likes to spend her time doodling and writing song lyrics during class, but her Chemistry teacher is having none of it. He takes away her notebook, leaving her with only the desktop to doodle on. She’s surprised to find that someone has finished the lyrics she scribbled onto the desk the next time she goes to class, and so begins a friendship between her and an unknown desk mate.

They begin to exchange notes that they leave under the desk and have deep conversations about music, family, and life. Lily enjoys the comradery they have but finds that she’s developing feelings for her secret pen-pal.

My thoughts:

When I was taking college classes, I took an Anatomy lab course and I hated it. The teacher was annoying and all the students made fun of him and the class was difficult. Still, I would have rather done anything else besides listen to his lectures, so I doodled.

There was a boy who sat across from me who was interested in my doodles, so I showed them to him. I passed my sheet of paper across the table and he added his own doodles and pictures to it. These doodles turned into little messages, which turned into longer notes, until he and I had almost filled up a notebook’s worth of writing by the time the class had ended. Of course, we were also dating by this time.

That boy ended up marrying me about a year and a half later. Although he and I weren’t secret pen pals or anything like Lily and her unknown friend in this story, it’s still testament to the fact that sometimes the mixture of boredom and opening up to another person can cause you to catch feelings. I mean it’s basically inevitable.

So to say that I related to this story is a bit of an understatement. I adored this. The story was adorable and the characters were so easy to like. I loved the realness of Lily’s family and the pacing of the story, and basically everything. I ate this story up.

This was my first experience reading a Kasie West novel, and I’m really glad I enjoyed it. I had heard many good things about her stories, but I admit I was skeptical. I hate to say it, but I judge books by their covers, and I’m not a huge fan of any of West’s covers. Either way, it doesn’t matter because this book was beyond sweet. If it was a person, I would hug it.

What are some other Kasie West books that y’all have enjoyed? Shoot me some titles in the comments so I can add them to my TBR!


Kasie West: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Kasie West “P.S. I Like You”

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