BOOK REVIEW: Rick Riordan “The Red Pyramid”

51iXg+CcMcLTitle: The Red Pyramid

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Carter and Sadie are siblings, but you wouldn’t know it. They don’t look or speak alike, and they hardly even know each other. In fact, for the past several years, they haven’t even lived with each other. Carter travels with his father, the famous Egyptologist Julius Kane, and Sadie lives in London with their grandparents. It’s a system that’s been in place since their mother died.

When Julius Kane releases some Egyptian gods by accident and is banished, Carter and Sadie must learn to band together and save him. While setting out on their quest, they learn things about themselves, each other, and the Kane family that causes them to pause and question everything that’s ever happened in their lives. They’re thrust into a world of magic and monsters with little knowledge or training and one goal: saving their father.

My thoughts:

Percy Jackson is one of my favorite characters, and his are some of my favorite books. He’s a timeless character that I think anyone of any age can relate to, so even though I no longer read other middle grade books, I would reread Percy Jackson & the Olympians in a heartbeat because it’s so near and dear to my heart.

So maybe I just waited too long to read the Kane Chronicles, but I’m just not as eager to jump into this world. I felt that The Red Pyramid was too long and I struggled to understand the mythology and the magic. The thing that Percy Jackson had going for it is that many people are already at least partly familiar with Greek mythology. Egyptian mythology, not so much.

It was incredibly interesting, don’t get me wrong. You’ve never met a bigger fan of archeology and the discovery of new and mysterious things than me. I love reading about and seeing pictures of old tombs uncovered and information come to light. It was just hard to grasp all the magical concepts and to be honest, I was kind of bored for the entire book. A book about Egyptian mythology and all the other cool stuff included here shouldn’t bore me, but there I was, struggling to turn every page, wishing for it to be over already.

I didn’t hate everything about this, obviously. It’s a Rick Riordan book, of course I’m here for the silly, corny humor. If you can’t handle the cheese, stay away. The books are full of short quips, teasing, stupid jokes, etc. Many reviews I’ve read have mentioned this and considered it a negative, but I think they forget that these books are geared toward 12 year olds. Come on, it has to include jokes about poop and other childish things. And honestly, the kid in me finds enjoyment in the banter between the siblings.

The relationship between Carter and Sadie started off rocky, as to be expected, but I love the way that it develops and they grow closer. It’s very sweet, and it makes me want to call up my own little brother and tell him what a butt he is. Lovingly, of course.

The sequel, The Throne of Fire, is also on my TBR for this month, but I dread picking it up. I hope that it improves on the mistakes that The Red Pyramid made and that I enjoy it much more, but let’s say my expectations are low. I’ll stick around for more corny jokes and the sibling love, but I’m hoping that Riordan comes through and delivers a better sequel.


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