BOOK REVIEW: Janet McNulty “Solaris Seethes”

51CdjRZBt6LTitle: Solaris Seethes

Author: Janet McNulty

Genre: Science Fiction

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Solaris Seethes is the story of a space ship with a personality, a Lanyran named Rynah with a revenge complex, and 4 unsuspecting humans from different eras of Earth’s history forced to unite and save the day. After Rynah’s planet is destroyed and she takes refuge in Solaris, her grandfather’s old ship, the ship’s AI explains to her that the only way to save her planet is to retrieve the crystal that was stolen. Unfortunately, the same villain who stole Lanyr’s crystal is now attempting to steal others, hoping to use it as a weapon. Solaris explains to Rynah that according to prophecy, the only ones that can stop him are 4 humans from the Terra Sector, each with specific and unique gifts. So begins a crazy, out of this world adventure with six crazy, out of this world characters.

These characters were so much fun. Solaris, the ship herself, was snarky, quick, and often more compassionate than most soul-baring beings. Rynah was strong, yet unfortunately quick-tempered, which caused her to snap at the four humans she had little patience for. Still, forced to work together, the humans become fast friends.

Despite coming from different times periods of Earth’s history, they found they had much in common and quickly became fierce and loyal friends. There was Solon, a scribe and philosopher from ancient Greece; Alfric, a warrior and Viking with a taste for blood and a heart of gold; Brie, a teenager from modern time, and Tom, an ambitious inventor from the late 2000s.

These characters and their interactions were absolutely precious. Alfric the Viking immediately took a liking to Brie, and he became her teacher and protector. Their banter was quick and silly, something to lighten the mood in case their mission became heavy. Even stone-hearted Rynah began to warm up to her crewmates toward the end of the story, their friendship heartwarming and sweet.

There’s something about the story that put off Guardians of the Galaxy vibes for me, which I loved. Characters from different places and backgrounds coming together for one common goal: it’s the ultimate origin story.

I was worried in the beginning that I wasn’t going to enjoy this. In the opening chapters, I was put off by how quickly the author dove into the story and how little build-up there was to the massive attack on Rynah’s planet, Lanyr. I figured from then on that everything was going to move quickly and was concerned about the pacing of the story; however, there were no issues after that.

Had the beginning eased me into the story a little better, this would have been much more enjoyable. However, I enjoyed it nonetheless and I’m happy to have read this sweet, colorful story. Mythology, science, and adventure come together in this book of betrayal, humor, family, friendship and sacrifice, a book anyone could enjoy.

Janet McNulty: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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