BOOK REVIEW: Beth Revis “Across the Universe”

8235178.jpgTitle: Across the Universe

Author: Beth Revis

Genre: Science Fiction

My Rating: 1/5 stars


Across the Universe has a very Disney’s “Wall-E” vibe to it: a space ship on it’s way to another world in order to start over. The trip is supposed to take about 300 years, so several generations will live and die before the space ship will arrive at it’s destination. However, there is a section of the ship dedicated to more “essential” personnel, people who will be needed on the new world and have been cryogenically frozen until the 300 year mark.

Amy’s parents are essential personnel, and they were able to pull some very important strings in order to get her on the ship and frozen along with them. Unfortunately, she seems to have been intentionally unplugged about 50 years too soon, by someone who may have wanted to hurt her. Amy wakes up to a completely different environment and world than there was on Earth.

The passengers on the spaceship are monoethnic, without political or religious beliefs; basically to eliminate any reason for dispute on board the ship. There are exactly 20 years between every generation because reproduction is regulated, and everyone either acts like robots or animals, depending on the circumstances.

Elder is being trained by Eldest to eventually be in charge of the inhabitants of the space ship, but Elder is now distracted by Amy who is so different from anyone else on board. She has tales from Earth about how things used to be, which threaten the sameness lifestyle the Eldest is trying to cultivate.

My thoughts:

I’m not going to lie: I bought this book strictly because of the cover. You may find this petty, or silly, or frivolous. Yet I have been just lusting after this cover ever since I first joined Goodreads and discovered it. I recently purchased the book just so I could bask in the beauty of that cover in person, but obviously intended to read it as well.

This book was a shipwreck.

Amy wakes up from her cryogenic sleep, understandably terrified and asking for her parents. She wakes to a new world and a new way of life, intimidating people and scary circumstances… and she’s sassing everyone. Literally anyone she comes into contact with, she’s talking crap, bad-mouthing, insulting, being an all-around unpleasant person, and it is not at all how you would expect a young girl to react in a situation like this. Some people may think this makes her strong or fearless, but I think it makes her stupid and annoying.

Elder just wants to have sex. He sees Amy and his hormones are on the fritz. He can’t possibly be attracted to her character since she has the personality of a troll. It doesn’t help that this story takes place during the time of the “season”, which is when everyone is allowed to reproduce. However, in this world, the “season” is when people are allowed to pounce on each other and have animal-like sex in public, which is creepy and weird.

So Amy gets unplugged, and it’s clear to at least two other characters that the act was intentional and it’s vocalized that the possibility of this happening again is high. “Oh no, whatever shall we do? Oh well, let’s leave.” So they leave and then some alarms go off and, “Oh no, someone else has been unplugged! How unfortunate! Why don’t we have some type of security? Oh well, time to go.” Then someone else gets unplugged. It’s freaking ridiculous, you guys, do these people have no brain cells?

Honestly, I couldn’t handle the stupidity of the book and these characters. I hated every moment of this book. I’ll keep it because it’s pretty, but I won’t be buying the rest of the series and I certainly won’t be reading it.


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Straight Up, Just a Collection of Pretty Covers

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious case of lusting after beautiful books. Even if I buy the book and despise it, I will keep it simply because it’s a nice addition to my bookshelf.

How shallow, right? It’s true. The following are some of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen: some I loved, some I didn’t, and some I have yet to read.

1.) Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo

The cover is what initially drew me toward this book in the first place, but this is one instance where the cover matched the contents. This is a beautiful series, and definitely one of my favorites. In fact, all of the books in the Grisha trilogy are beautiful. Here, just look at them:


Recently, this series underwent a cover change, which I felt was completely unnecessary but oh well. As long as I own the superior covers.

2.) These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

Whoever designed this cover deserves an award. Just holy cow. I borrowed this book first from a friend, and when I ended up loving it, I immediately bought it. (Didn’t hurt that it’s one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen in my life, right?) However, I wish the rest of this series had been as amazing as the first. This space adventure trilogy started off so strong, and then I slowly started to lose interest. I’ve shamelessly kept the books, though, and still like to take them down and gaze at them every so often.


3.) Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Holy cow, this book. Before I opened it for the first time, I knew nothing about it. It turned out to be the best book I’ve read so far in 2017. The story, the characters, the mystery; just oh so incredible and engaging. And of course, it has one of the most amazing covers. Mine even shimmers in certain lights, and I could just stare at it all day. However, please read this book because of the amazing story and not because the cover is so beautiful you could die. You can read my review for Caraval here.


4.) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

I have very mixed feelings about this trilogy. On one hand, the concept and idea of the story is very interesting and showed plenty of promise. I’m all for time travel and talk of different dimensions and all that jazz. This book could have had it all, for me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with how the story was told. For a story so action-packed like this one, I shouldn’t be bored. I shouldn’t be wishing for the end like I did so often with this series. However, would you just look at those covers?


5.) Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Long before I ever joined bookstagram or I even dreamed of blogging about books, I ran across this book while browsing Goodreads. I was immediately struck by how beautiful the cover was, and I immediately wanted it. At the time, I had no job and no money, so it went into my Amazon wish list for me to buy at another time.

Over three years later, I have finally bought this book and added it to my bookshelf, and it was one of the most glorious moments. I’ve been waiting to own this piece of art forever, and I finally have it. Have I read it yet? No. Will I soon? Maybe. If I hate it, will I get rid of it? Definitely never. In fact, I need to add the rest of this series to my wish list ASAP, and maybe purchase them in the next few months instead of waiting three years like last time.


6.) Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

I read this one on a whim and I was so glad that I did. Rebel of the Sands had a unique premise and a unique setting, and also sported some very likeable, interesting characters. My only wish is that I could find this same edition for the second book in hardcover, because so far I have had no such luck. Why are there so many different editions and various covers for the same book? Why can’t they all look the same, even if they’re covers for another country? Can’t you change the language and content of the book without changing the look of the cover? Is this so much to ask???


7.) The Selection by Kiera Cass

Ah, yes. This infamous series. What to say about The Selection? I hate them, and I can’t get enough of them. I could talk crap about them all day, but if Cass were to release another book right now, I would go out and buy it immediately, no questions asked. Why is this? What is the magic of these books? It’s not even the beautiful covers with the girly dresses, although I love them. I just can’t stop reading them. I want to say that they bore me but they don’t. It doesn’t matter how much I despise America (the main character’s name in the series, I promise I love my country). It doesn’t matter how maddening her decisions are. I just eat these books up, and I am ashamed.


8.) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

These books have always been a lot of fun, particularly the very first one. The premise is wonderful, and even though I have disliked certain aspects of the story, I still consider these to be good reads. While I prefer the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, this is still an excellent addition to Han’s repertoire. Plus, the covers are super cute, come on.


That’s all for today folks. Just wanted to share with you some of my favorite book covers and feature them here for y’all’s enjoyment and appreciation. Sometimes I like to stare at them dreamily, and maybe that’s a little creepy. I love my books, okay? Not only do I believe they should have excellent content, I’m a firm believer in creating aesthetically pleasing cover art. What can I say, I’m a sucker. Slap a nice cover on a crappy book and I’ll totally buy it. Sue me.