ARC REVIEW: Kalyn Josephson “The Storm Crow”

38330596Title: The Storm Crow

Author: Kalyn Josephson

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 2/5 stars

Release Date: July 9th, 2019


The Storm Crow has a stunning cover and an intriguing premise going for it, but it reads more like a middle grade novel to me.

This isn’t a bad thing, as I really enjoy middle grade books sometimes! However, this is supposed to be YA, so it’s a problem that this reads a little younger than that.

We get right into the action as the first few pages gets into the attack from Illucia on Princess Anthia’s kingdom, leaving their nation in ruin and their mighty crows all killed. In the time since, Anthia has been bed-ridden, leaving her older sister to take care of the kingdom in the wake of destruction.

When Anthia’s sister is forced to offer her up as a bride for Illucia’s crown prince Ericen, she decides it’s time to fight back. Their odds look even better after Anthia finds a single crow’s egg.

I’ll say that I thought the first few chapters were very strong, and seeing depression represented in a main character like this was new; we don’t see this often in fantasy novels. Sadly, things sort of went downhill from there for me.

I felt that the political aspect of this book was juvenile, and it didn’t make sense to me. Anthia goes before her sister, the queen, and other high-ranking noble-people of their kingdom, and announces, “I have an idea: let’s ally with the surrounding kingdoms against Illucia!” *applause all around*

… I mean, that’s not an idea exactly, but okay, we’re on the right track? It just seems to me this is something that anyone could have “come up with”, and Anthia brought it up like no one had ever considered the possibility.

Anthia and her sister are struggling to figure out how to hatch the egg because for some reason, literally no one left in the kingdom knows. Riiiiight. Supposedly, the egg has to be in the presence of royals in order to hatch, and the queen “doesn’t like” crows, so she refuses. This leaves Anthia, who is traveling with Ericen, the prince of their enemy kingdom, to take the egg into enemy territory. How does this make any sense whatsoever?

It was frustrating to read their strategies because I couldn’t understand for the life of me why they did the things they did. I felt some of the situations were orchestrated by the author and it didn’t compute with me.

A promising story, but lacking for me.

An e-arc of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

BOOK REVIEW: Ruth Emmie Lang “Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance”

91p1dqTF21LTitle: Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

Author: Ruth Emmie Lang

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is the first Book of the Month that I ever selected. I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long to get to it, considering I’ve read several other BOTM picks since then. Oops.

That being said, I had heard lots of good things about this, so I finally picked it up the other day! Okay, I found the audiobook at my library and I listened to it. Sue me.

That being said, I really enjoyed this. I’m not sure what I expected, although I knew this was a fantasy labeled as “magical realism”. It follows a boy named Weylyn Grey through the perspectives of those closest to them. First there’s the girl who delivers meat for her father to Weylyn and his wolf pack. She’s immediately fascinated by him and his life with the wolves, and over time decides to run away with them. Strange things seem to happen around him, though, but she doesn’t think much of it at the time.

Then there’s the foster family that takes Weylyn in after he and the girl are discovered with the wolves. Specifically his foster sister, who takes a liking to him and bonds with him. There’s the general education teacher who desperately wants children who finds a void filled with Weylyn’s company.

So many people touched by Weylyn’s presence in their lives, while still odd things tend to happen around him. The story sees him well into adult-hood and shows his power over nature and people growing. It’s such a heartwarming, lovely story that will just make anyone feel good.

Weylyn is naive as a child, obviously, considering his time with the wolves, but it seems to follow him years later as a grown-up. I can’t decide if I appreciate this or not. On one hand, his naivety was charming as a child, but it makes him seem clueless and stupid as an adult. But it’s easy to dismiss with such an adorable character like Weylyn.

This was just a very sweet, feel-good story that will be enjoyed by anyone who likes a happy ending.

A Year Full of Beautiful Covers

Listen, I’m not saying I judge books by their covers. I’m just saying, they’re nice to look at, and I’m more inclined to take pictures of them and display them on my shelves and okay maybe I judge books by their covers.

It’s just so hard not to when the books coming out are so dang pretty, and this year’s releases are no exception.

My blog is full of posts talking about books and their contents and reviews of those books. I think I’m entitled to be shallow every once in a while and bask in the beauty of a butt-load of book covers.

So here we go.

51ub94q0GWL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Even though I may not have loved A Very Large Expanse of Sea, the writing on this cover is so aesthetically pleasing. This combination of colors and pretty fonts is perfect, and I’m just disappointed I couldn’t love the inside as much as I loved the outside.

91JGnozCxiLThere is something so wonderfully ghostly about this paranormal re-imagining of Jane Eyre, My Plain Jane. I also happened to really enjoy this read, even more than I did My Lady Jane! Although I’ve never read Jane Eyre before, it definitely made me want to get into the original! And anything that inspires me to want to read classics is a win in my book.

81PYy9EQs1LWhat’s a pretty cover collection without a Schwab title? So I’m mad that this cover isn’t available in the US and I ended up with the blue-ish cover, but I can still admire this beauty from a distance. *soft crying noises* City of Ghosts was such a fun, adorable read, and it has convinced me that Victoria Schwab can literally write anything. Any genre, any age group, anything.

60869Another stunning cover that I think everyone can agree is just jaw-dropping is The Hazel Wood. The gold and silver embossing on this book is to die for; if I hadn’t actually enjoyed this read, I still would have kept it on my shelf just because. This one has such opposing reviews online, but thankfully I found it inventive and haunting and I can’t wait to read the next one!

the-wicked-deep-9781481497343_hrThe Wicked Deep is another obvious one for me, especially for the naked hardcover on the first edition and the beautiful night sky. *heart eyes* Such a lovely, atmospheric read, with writing just as pretty as the cover. I can’t wait to reread this next year around Halloween!

34499221I’ll indulge myself one moment longer and share the cover of To Kill a Kingdom, this beautiful Little Mermaid retelling. I absolutely loved this read, and it gave me hope that retellings aren’t completely hopeless! That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them, but lately they’ve become a little repetitive. To Kill a Kingdom was inventive and unique while still remaining true to the source material.

Thank you for sticking around for my book fashion show. I promise I’ll go back to intelligent musings and discussions after this, but come on. You have to admit. They’re so pretty.

Finally Fall Book Tag

wide angle photo of road

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It’s fall! … but it doesn’t feel like it for me, sadly. I live in Hawaii, which in retrospect is amazing and I know I’m unbelievably lucky to be here. Still, I do miss the temperature getting below 70 degrees and being able to wear sweaters and scarves without getting funny looks (because yes, I do still try to get away with it).

But it’s still fall in my brain, so by golly I’m gonna do this tag.

51bIN6SUb1L._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Crisp Fall Air – a book that felt fresh and new

It took me way too long to come up with a single book that this applied to, which I suppose is a good thing! This means I’ve read lots of unique, amazing books so far this year. There were many contenders, but the title I decided on was Bird Box by Josh Malerman. This was such a great read and gave me hope that the thriller genre isn’t dead yet. It’s been such a struggle for me to connect with this genre lately, which is a shame because I love thrillers! They’ve just become so bland and predictable lately, and Bird Box breathed life into me again. Read my full review here.

9781250095312Howling Winds – an ending that blew you away

This one was also a close call, between Legendary and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing; and Legendary wins over by just a fraction. The whole book was a wild ride, and the reader was always thinking: Who is Legend? I loved the big reveal, but that cliffhanger was rough. Tella became a new favorite character and I found that I enjoyed this installment even more than I loved Caraval, the first book. Read my full review here.

81Csb1x-vSLComfy Sweaters – a book that gave you the warm fuzzies

So Love and Other Words may be a strange choice because this broke my heart, but it was also undeniably sweet. There’s nothing quite like a childhood love blossoming into adulthood, but this one had angst and tragedy as well. I felt about every emotion on the spectrum during this read, but ultimately, my heart grew and felt warm in the end.

411h5t91y4LBright Colors – a cover with either red, orange or yellow

I chose the first book I came across that applied and ended up with Vicious, a read from October. This book was positively villainous and I can’t wait to read Vengeance soon!

9781619636118Leaf Fight – a book with nonstop action

There was no question what book I would choose for this: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas. This final installment in the Throne of Glass series was chock-full of action and battle sequences that forced me to keep reading long into the night. Seriously, I stayed up until 4 am to finish this. It was worth it. Read my full review here.

KingofscarsPumpkin Spice – your most anticipated read

This was another obvious one for me; Leigh Bardugo is at the top of my list of auto-buy authors, and Nikolai is my sweet little cinnamon roll. Of course King of Scars is my most anticipated read. I could not be more excited for Nikolai’s spin-off books and I’m ready to just eat this up.

Thank you for joining me today! If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

BOOK REVIEW: Sara Holland “Everless”

32320661Title: Everless

Author: Sara Holland

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 4/5 stars


In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted from blood, bound to iron, and consumed to add time to one’s own lifespan. The rich aristocracy, like the Gerlings, tax the poor to the hilt, extending their own lives by centuries.

No one resents the Gerlings more than Jules Ember. A decade ago, she and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings’ palatial estate, until a fateful accident forced them to flee in the dead of night. When Jules discovers that her father is dying, she knows that she must return to Everless to earn more time for him before she loses him forever.

But going back to Everless brings more danger—and temptation—than Jules could have ever imagined. Soon she’s caught in a tangle of violent secrets and finds her heart torn between two people she thought she’d never see again. Her decisions have the power to change her fate—and the fate of time itself.

My thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. While I was intrigued by the concept, I wasn’t sure how it would play out and was concerned that the execution would leave much to be desired. However, I thought that it was well done, interesting and fun.

Everything made logical sense in this. The main character did some stupid things and sometimes it was frustrating, but at least she was kind of aware that what she was doing was stupid? She’s basically like, “I know this is a bad idea, but I’m doing it anyway because I don’t have anything to lose”. So I mean, got to at least applaud her for self awareness.

Jules has a lot of growth and developing she needs to do in the next book(s), but I see a lot of potential in her. I love her origin story, including the secrets that we discover about her later on in the book. (But that’s for a spoiler review, which this is not.) I also love the potential for romance that this book left us with. Nothing actually occurs between the two characters that I ship, but the tension is real and I ship it anyway. It’s going to happen.

This was altogether a really unique and awesome new fantasy that I’m really excited to have finally read. I’ll definitely be continuing this series and I’m eager to see what happens!


Sara Holland: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

BOOK REVIEW: Stephanie Garber “Legendary”

9781250095312Title: Legendary

Author: Stephanie Garber

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 stars


It almost feels pointless to write a non-spoiler review for this book… I can’t give anything away and I can’t rant and rave about what went on. Why am I even here? And who’s going to read a review of Legendary anyway? Anyone who’s planning to read the book will be avoiding spoilers at all costs, and anyone who isn’t planning to read it simply hasn’t read Caraval yet. (While I’m at that, here’s some self-promotion: read my review, then read Caraval. Just do it.)

Legendary was everything I wanted it to be.

It had heartbreaking romance, magic, mystery, surprise, action. Legendary had everything needed to be the perfect story. I am beyond impressed with Stephanie Garber, and so pleased that she managed to ward off second-book syndrome. There was nothing lacking in this, it didn’t feel like it was a filler novel, and it was perfect.

Donatella was a wonderful main character. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it just based on her character in Caraval, but she was really great. She was strong and independent and funny and so completely human. It was so easy to relate to her and feel for her and did I mention the utterly heart-shattering romance? I adored the love interest in this novel, adored the villain… I have all the love for every aspect of this book.

I think I actually enjoyed Legendary more than the first book, which is saying a lot because I loved Caraval. I can’t wait for the final book in this series, although Garber is welcome to write as many books in this world as she wants to. I will read them all.


Stephanie Garber: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads

SERIES REVIEW: Morgan Rhodes “Falling Kingdoms”


Series Name: Falling Kingdoms

Titles in Series: Falling Kingdoms, Rebel Spring, Gathering Darkness, Frozen Tides, Crystal Storm, Immortal Reign

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Genre: Fantasy

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars


Caution: This review will contain mild spoilers for the entire series.

I realized too late that I should have reviewed these books as I read them instead of as a whole like this, but by that time I was already three books in and there was no turning back. And sadly, the whole thing was a blur. That means this series review is probably going to be incohesive and jumbled, but I’ll hopefully be able to get my feelings and thoughts about this series out and sorted through.

I binged the Falling Kingdoms series starting at the beginning of this year because I’ve owned the first book for way too long. I was slowly growing my Falling Kingdoms collection without having read any of the books and I thought it was time that I finally change that. So here I am, having read the entire series in the span of 4 months, and I still don’t know what to think.

Maybe I would have liked these more if I had had to wait between books like people who have been reading and loving this series from the beginning. Maybe binging these books led to me having negative feelings toward them. Whatever the case, whatever the cause, in the end I closed the last book feeling like I had wasted a lot of time.

Falling Kingdoms is marketed as Game of Thrones for young adults; I haven’t seen or read Game of Thrones so I can’t say if this is true or not, but it seems to definitely put off a vibe from what I know. This series follows several characters throughout the course of the story, but the main ones would be Cleo, Jonas, Magnus and Lucia. It’s set in the land of Mytica which is divided into 3 kingdoms: Auranos, Limeros and Paelsia.

Cleo is the princess of Auranos, the southernmost kingdom and by far the most plentiful of the three. She finds herself caught in the midst of a scandal when she is seen with Lord Aron Lagaris when he slays a young Paelsian in cold blood. She’s of course devastated by the events that took place and feels guilt-ridden for not doing more to prevent it.

However, the older brother of the murdered Paelsian, Jonas, seeks vengeance for his death and ends up sparking a revolution as Paelsia and Limeros seek to rise up against Auranos.

Magnus and Lucia are brother and sister, and the children of the Limerian King of Blood. Magnus struggles between wanting to do right and wanting to please his cruel, violent father, while Lucia discovers secret and powerful abilities within herself.

The political intrigue and the promise of magic really kept me engaged and interested in this series. For the first several books, I was hooked, even though I didn’t care for many of the characters, including the main ones. I didn’t think they were fleshed out enough and the few traits that they did carry, I did not like.

For instance, Magnus is in love with Lucia, his sister. No matter how much he tries to fight his feelings and his urges, it still creeps me out and it honestly caused me to hate him for at least the first three books. We end up finding out that they’re not actually related, so it doesn’t become a matter of incest anymore; however, I still find the idea pervy and it leaves me with a gross feeling in my gut. It took me a long time to warm up to Magnus’s character after this.

Cleo was probably my favorite character, and she remained strong and decent throughout the entire reading experience. She had her issues as most characters do, but in the end I respected and admired her strength and dedication to her kingdom.

Jonas was attracted to and wanted to make out with every woman he met, it was honestly ridiculous. Throughout the course of this entire series, he “falls in love” with at least 3 women… desperate much? Keep it in your pants, fight your stupid rebellion and just chill.

And Lucia was by far my least favorite main character. She had absolutely no substance to her, no personality, until all of a sudden she’s angry and mean and cruel and horrible out of nowhere. So Lucia starts out sweet and dull, then becomes evil and dull, and by the last book she’s mean and dull. Basically, she was dull, and as a magic user, she should have been one of the more interesting characters. Not the case.

This series also suffered from a bad case of insta-love, on all accounts. There was one slow-burn romance which I very much appreciated, but everyone else was like, “Wow, this person and I had a conversation and we connected, I’m in love,” and then they’re absolutely devastated, destroyed and wrecked when that person dies (because oh yeah, a lot of people die). I’m just here rolling my eyes and thinking, pull yourself together. You knew this person for like a day. Everyone was so dramatic and emotional and it was just so annoying.

Now let’s go back to the “a lot of people die” thing. Yes, this series is full of death and dying and many of the secondary characters bite the dust and you literally won’t care at all. There’s nothing to make you like or become invested in any of these characters, so their deaths are meaningless to you. And of course, everyone who matters is miraculously alive by the end, isn’t that great? Rejoice!

Like I mentioned before, by the time I finally turned the last page of Immortal Reign, I felt like I had wasted all the time I invested into this series. Maybe just stick with Game of Thrones?


Morgan Rhodes: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

BOOK REVIEW: Devri Walls “Magic Unleashed: Venators”

36192231Title: Magic Unleashed: Venators

Author: Devri Walls

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Six years ago, Grey Malteer was attacked by creatures he thought couldn’t possibly exist. They repeated a word, calling him a name he’d never heard before…Venator. Since then, his life has been a hellhole of secrecy—hiding old pain alongside strange new abilities.

Rune Jenkins has an itch, as she calls it, but it’s more than that. It’s an anger that builds up like the inside of a boiler whenever she’s around anything remotely supernatural. The pressure is growing steadily worse and she can’t understand why. All she knows is—her control is slipping.

By order of an unknown council Grey and Rune are pulled through a portal in the St. Louis arch, landing them in an alternate dimension where creatures of myth and legend exist. A realm that calls them, Venators.

Made up of centuries old fae, vampires, werewolves, elves and succubi the council’s corrupt nature becomes obvious as they seek to wield the newly returned Venators as weapons. Wedged in an impossible position, Grey and Rune must decide their fate—do they go against the council’s wishes and help the innocents of this unforgiving land, or face the possibility of execution by the council.

This book was given to me by Brown Books Publishing and author Devri Walls in exchange for an honest review; thank you!

Venators was such a fun ride, especially since I have very much been on a paranormal kick lately; I’ve been binge-watching The Vampire Diaries for the last two weeks. This book, however, weaves so many different kinds of folklore and creatures and mythological races, all coming together to make this awesome fantasy mash-up. We’ve got vampires, werewolves, wizards, faeries and even some creatures of Devri Walls‘ own creation.

Walls has done some serious world-building here in Venators and it’s definitely something to take note. While our main characters are originally from our world, they’re taken through a gate into another dimension filled with new and interesting creatures and places.

I enjoyed Grey’s character quite a bit: self-proclaimed loner who has dedicated his life to studying folklore after his run-in with goblins when he was 13. Now he’s sucked into this world that he could only dream of and it’s confirmed for him: that everything he’s been studying for the last 6 years was real.

I liked Rune’s character a bit less. She was stubborn and temperamental and sometimes bordered on annoying. I was also confused by the contradictions in her emotions: the new world they were in supposedly made her calmer because of her Venator nature, yet she still felt fear and panic and frustration, which are all emotions far from calm.

All in all, if you’re interested in paranormal or fantasy, featuring alternate dimensions and interesting world-building, definitely give The Venators Series a try!


Devri Walls: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

BOOK REVIEW: Seanan McGuire “Down Among the Sticks and Bones”

51MKK7uzyVL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Author: Seanan McGuire

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


For those who read the first book in this series, Every Heart a Doorway, this book follows the twins and the world that they found and spent 5 years living in.

For those who didn’t read the first book I would say that it’s probably not imperative that you do, especially since this book is actually set before. However, the first book does give some important information about the different doorways that children enter and the toll that it takes on them, which is why these children stay at Eleanor West’s. It’s a type of “home for troubled teens”, but it’s for the kids who come back and find themselves now lost.

In Down Among the Sticks and Bones, we get to see the way the twins, Jacqueline and Jillian (or Jack and Jill), were raised and the sort of upbringing they have. Their parents never actually wanted kids and thought they were altogether too messy, yet ended up decided they wanted children after seeing the way that some of their peers and coworkers received attention and recognition for their kids. They wanted a child that they could mold into whatever they wanted them to be.

Unfortunately, they didn’t allow their daughters to develop personalities of their own and instead forced Jacqueline to wear frilly dresses and be cooed and coddled, and Jillian to be athletic and boyish to replace the son they wish they’d had. Their parents didn’t seem to understand the complexities of their children and forced them into boxes, when Jacqueline would have loved to be more active and Jillian longed to be pretty and adored like her sister.

So when the sisters find themselves in The Moors, they’re given the choice to start anew, even if the new life they’re to lead is terrifying and full of strange and terrible things. They’re given the choice between the luxuries of the castle they are taken into or the hard work of an apprenticeship outside the city walls; Jack chooses to live under a harsh apprenticeship while Jill longs to be loved by the dark stranger who rules over the castle.

To see these characters grow, particularly Jack, was so interesting and satisfying. I was so happy to see Jack break out of the mold that her parents had forced her into and flourish. She had a thirst for knowledge and longed to learn everything she could from the man she worked under, who was a sort of doctor.

Jillian on the other hand, while having her wish to be beautiful and adored granted, had gotten a little more than she bargained for from her strange, terrifying new guardian.

Still, both sisters found happiness and belonging and acceptance in this new world and I think that is such a beautiful thing. This story was heartbreaking and creepy and beautiful and I enjoyed it so much more than Every Heart a Doorway.

Sadly, these books are so short that it’s hard to say much about them without revealing important, spoiler-y things, but this book left me feeling so sad and broken and torn up. I definitely prefer my happily ever afters so this book was a huge bummer for me, but I could still appreciate the way this was written. Seanan McGuire is a majorly talented writer, and I’d be so interested to read more of her work after this series is through.


Seanan McGuire: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

BOOK REVIEW: Leigh Bardugo “Crooked Kingdom”

9781627792134_custom-87433fa92146030d7e670837720f99c53b84f112-s900-c85Title: Crooked Kingdom

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 stars


There are definitely going to be spoilers in this review so if you have not read Crooked Kingdom, I’m begging you to leave. Like seriously, you don’t want to find out what happens from some poor sap rambling about the book on her blog. Go away.

This book freaking tore me up. Like it made me want to throw myself off a bridge and die. Just why does Bardugo want to kill me with her sad, dark endings? Why?

Yet I can’t say enough good things about this duology; I understand now why people rave about it. Six of Crows and the characters and the genius story… it’s all together a work of art. I never thought that Bardugo could write something better than the Grisha trilogy and yet fortunately, I was so wrong. She has created such a beautiful and unique world with amazing abilities, in-depth characters and the intricately weaved stories she tells.

I didn’t think that Bardugo could top the awesomeness of Six of Crows, but Crooked Kingdom was still incredible. Kaz was still coming up with amazing plans and still causing trouble and it’s just so much fun to read.

Serious spoiler warnings ahead:



Him dying.

Can we talk about that and how much it tore me up? Like, he was definitely in my top three favorite characters, and while I so appreciate the poetic nature of his death, still why did it have to happen? I was so ridiculously heartbroken.

No, seriously. My husband has perfect timing and called me in the middle of my sob-session, and he was very alarmed.

Me: HELLOOOooOO? (obviously crying) 

Him: Babe, what’s wrong?

Me: (Unintelligible crying)

Him: Tell me what happened?! What’s going on?! (becoming slightly panicked)

Me: A CHARACTER IN MY BOOK DIIIiiIIED (continues to cry)

He proceeded to laugh at me because apparently he thinks my crying over a fictional death is funny. He comforted me over the phone but there was definitely a joking tone behind it.

Him: He’s just a book character, honey-


I definitely felt like I needed some therapy after that scene.

And then I’m going to be super honest, the rest of the book was a blur for me because I was still so upset. I read it, but everything had sort of resolved itself by then and none of the other characters were in danger anymore so the story closed and I was just still heartbroken over Matthias. I still feel like I need someone to console me, and it’s been several days. Literally all the tears.

So I mean, that’s how I came away from Crooked Kingdom: amazing world, amazing storytelling, amazing characters, oh my gosh Matthias is dead.

Alright, someone provide me the number of a therapist who can help me work this out because I am not alright. Why did I give this book 5 stars? Oh wait because it was still amazing. Why am I like this?

So, turns out I’m not emotionally stable enough to write this review yet, but I may never be so I’m posting it anyway because it’s a super accurate representation of my feels. You’re welcome. Come cry with me if you need to.